Lost root trying to update CM - SCH-R530U

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I originally posted in the wrong area, and was told to post here instead so, here goes. I have a US Celluar GS3, SCH-R530U, and I lost root access while trying to upgrade from stock rooted 4.1.2 to CM 10.1.3. I've tried flashing SuperSU along with CM 10.1.2 to my phone with no success. Every time I try to flash something new it says 'Can't open /storage/sdcard1/-filename-.zip (bad)' and it aborts. I don't know how I can get a file on the phone memory since the phone never boots up past the 'Samsung Galaxy S III' screen, so I'm really stuck and I don't have a backup phone, so if someone could help me get my phone up and running again, I would really appreciate it.

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