[Q] (HELP) HTC ONE Brick

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Well I'm new to here and I come with bad news as and ah help.

Currently I have a HTC ONE m7wls

I can only access the fastboot and try installing the RUU 1.29.651.10 but as I get error 140 bootloader problem. This is who I have ROM version 1.31.651.2 but eh not found a RUU for this version.

Currently. The HTC is S-ON


Bootleader relocked

ONE HTC Sprint

Debit'm S-ON does not own any rom and I can not convert it to S-OFF

So eh and tried almost everything so I come here to ask for help.

Sorry if not eh looked for a relatively equal to this

via xda-developers http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2485206&goto=newpost

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